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Snailboat is a short and sweet puzzle game for iOS and Android. Use your snail skills to slip and slide over boats and lily pads to re-arrange puzzles and make your way to victory.

  • Challenging grid-based puzzle game
  • 11 levels of puzzling conundrums that don't overstay their welcome
  • Intricate level designs that unravel through exploration and play
  • Many quality of life features, options, and additional levels added to the jam version
  • At least 7 snails


Game + Puzzle Design, Programming, FX:  Michael

Art, Puzzles, Additional Code: Jon

Music & Audio: TJ

Snailboat was prototyped at the first GMTK game jam, where it scored among the top 15% of submissions overall. What ended up coming out of the jam was something the team were all proud of (and knew would be great on mobile!)

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