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First of all, got to say that I absolutely love the design put into this game, from the sound effects, to the little bits of isolated lore to how the mechanics gently build up and remain constantly engaging. As my partner puts it, post-capitalist puzzle games are my favourite type of puzzle game and this fits that like icing on that cake.

Sadly, I'm experiencing quite some issues running this game on my MacBook Pro, I believe the game is being forced to run at a high resolution and is causing a number of extremely laggy moments where no inputs are read for a few seconds and the visuals slow down a ton. This can happen anywhere in the game it seems but more when there's more on screen. It's a real shame as trying to get through it is worth it despite these glitches! I wonder what might fix this, a setting for resolution likely would, but potentially there may be an easier fix?

-- EDIT: Did a full restart and seems to have fixed these issues. Now I can finally play this masterpiece in all it's glory!


Thanks for playing, glad the game is right up your post-capitalist puzzle alley :) I'll look into the mac build and see if I can recreate the issues. If they persist, please get in touch via and we can dig in further!


I haven't finished it yet (I'm savouring it), but I just want to say how much I'm LOVING this game so far. It's ridiculously good, the puzzles, the feel, the graphics, sound design, intriguing story... It's just a joy to play and experience, thank you so much.


Thank YOU so much for playing and for the kind words ❤


Every time I read a message like this I feel so happy to have put in the work of creating the game. Glad you're enjoying yourself!


So I've just now beaten this game, after taking my time with it, and getting stuck on a few puzzles...

Just wanted to come back to say that yes, this game is in fact amazing! The story took me completely by surprise, I was expecting to skip through the text boxes and just enjoy the puzzles, but I found myself wanting to find out what the next entry said as much as I wanted to find out what the next puzzle was. The ending was amazing too.

And the puzzles, they're just great! the mechanics build up in a well designed fashion which is always nice to see, and while I got stuck a few times it was always enjoyable working out how to progress. Really, a fantastic job here. This is the sort of game I wish I could wipe from my memory so I could play again fresh.

I can't recommend this highly enough. Thanks again for the stunning game.

This is so great to hear! We thought a lot during development about how to achieve balance between the story and the puzzles. I'm glad you enjoyed the game :)


Seems interesting