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A ragtag group of cyborg chickens go back in time to do a heist, save their ancestors, and re-establish the pecking order. Commander Cluck is waiting to bestow honor upon your team when you return.

  • Sneak around the farm, avoiding patrols to save chickens and earn glory.
  • Explore the board and activate drop zones to receive cybernetic enhancements from the future.
  • Equip  cybernetic enhancements in limited inventory spots and roll dice to use them to complete your missions.
  • Avoid the time police or take them head on to utilize their power cores
  • Manage your inventory carefully and get out before things heat up - the time police deploy at an exponential rate when they notice temporal disturbances such as equipment drops and chicken warps.

_ _ _ _

This game is very much still a prototype. It will probably not receive further development unless I find a spark of inspiration. The game has some fun elements of discovery and strategy. In its current form, it suffers a little bit too much from "management" of the patrolling enemies.

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