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After his passing, your father left you his solar-powered satellite farm plot, a few seeds, and a modest produce stall. In honor of him, you've decided to quit your UltraCorp job and take a shot at securing your family's legacy at the local intergalactic farmers market.

  • Grow wild sci-fi plants by rolling dice and assigning seeds to the cards on your player mat
  • Decide whether to sell your produce for cash or to use its special ability to grow your operation and sabotage other farmers
  • Collect and upgrade your seed collection (dice) to grow plants on your player board and power up plant abilities
  • See what's on sale at the market today and draft/purchase cards for your own player mat before they sell out
  • Lay your claim to prime produce-selling real-estate by placing stalls on one of the many interchangable arms of the farmers market station. 
  • Plan your strategy around the events going on at the Intergalactic Farmer's market each week: Prep your recipes for the black hole bake-off, collect seeds at the anarchist seed-sharing convention, or get your veggies ready for the night of the sentient plants!

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This project is a prototype that is WAY on the backburner for me atm - rules and cards are in a prototype state and just sitting on my shelf.  Ultimately, I'd love to publish a rulebook, the full set of cards, and modular boards. The limiting factor of this game is that you have to have a LOT of dice but I think it's pretty fun so far :)

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